Setting Up Your Retirement Plan

Setting Up Your Retirement Plan

Over half of Australians who retire today will have enough cash to be self-funded instead of reliant on the Age Pension, according to new research from Challenger. As at December 2018, around 55 percent of 66-year-olds could not access the pension since their income and properties were too expensive, with 20 percent able to draw a part-Age Pension and just 25 per cent receiving a full Age Pension.

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia defines “comfy” as having the ability to pursue a range of leisure and leisure activities, along with affording private health insurance and occasional global holidays. A lot of research studies on age pension dependence are based on the whole 65-plus age.


Contrary to lots of viewpoints, super is decreasing reliance on the Age Pension for the big bulk of individuals going into retirement. The proof for this is that the typical recently retired Australian is not accessing the Age Pension at all. Just 45% of 66-year-olds were accessing the Age Pension at December 2018 and just 25% of them were drawing a full Age Pension.

Right To Government Support

Older Australians can claim earnings assistance as they age with the help of KlearPicture. Eligibility for payments goes through satisfying specific criteria. An individual’s age, residency in Australia and level of earnings and assets are taken into consideration in determining eligibility and the rate of payment. For couples, combined situations are considered.

The joys of self-employment are lots of, but so are the stress factors. High amongst those is the requirement to prepare for retirement entirely by yourself. You supervise of producing a satisfying lifestyle post-retirement. When it comes to constructing that life, the earlier you begin, the much better.

In addition, setting up a retirement plan– like practically everything a business owner carries out– is a DIY job. No handy human resources staffer is walking you through a 401(k) plan application, or whatever the company-sponsored retirement program is. No matching contributions, no shares of company stock, and no automated paycheck deductions.

Savers and self-funded retired people have actually suffered even more ‘pay cuts’ after the significant banks swung an axe at term deposit interest rates. It marks a significantly torrid time for savers and self-funded senior citizens, who were already reeling from years-long falls in savings and term deposit rates.


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