Fwing Induction Packages With Full Carbon Composite Wing Construction Benefits You On And Off The Water


The Fwing Pro is an all in one, high performance, fully adjustable wing, that is ideal for single, multi and even multi-class performances by the choppers and getaways. This high performance airframe comes equipped with a soft carry strap and a durable neoprene wing cover that allow a steady, stable and predictable envelope on all flights. With its patented design the Fwing adds extreme maneuverability with a short takeoff distance for fast turns and an advanced wind deflector system to keep the Fwing sounding good at all times. A full size version of this amazing quad has the ability to be used as a radio control and the controls are fully programmable allowing the user to fine tune performance for any type of flight conditions. The wings are easily adjusted from a maximum of 48cm at the tail to a maximum of 110cm at the end of the wings.

The Fwing Pro also features a patented dual blade fan system that allows for precise control of airflow. The fan blades are situated high above the main aircraft which ensures optimum cooling and optimum performance and optimum thrust in any condition. The main benefits of the wing are it’s low noise level – ideal for use in hobby aircraft. The folding fan blade allows for quick access to the required airflow, which minimizes energy consumption when conducting multiple jobs during a single flight. The easy to remove landing gear system is easily adjusted to the size of the aircraft with a convenient spring-loaded locking mechanism.

The fully adjustable drag chute is a superior design that allows you to manually adjust the angle of attack to fine tune the lift for any type of indoor or outdoor applications. The Wing Carbon Fiber Winglet is made of lightweight, high-performance, carbon composite wing construction making it highly efficient and highly effective for whatever the application. Its patented fan blade and patented dual blade fan system guarantee maximum thrust and optimal cooling for longer periods of time, this results in less wear and tear and extended flight life. Utilizing a single-stage high lift fan motor, Fwing gives you the option to either use the propane gas or the high pressure oil source, if needed.

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